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Samuel Grande
The tags should also include "paranormal" or something. It's not really a normal thing that the soul separates from the body to teach students in a school, but only through dreams. I also love how everyone somehow thinks "yeah, this is normal". It was cute though, I just think it could have gone on longer for a bit.
Aug 27
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Wide-eyed Wander
This was a sweet romantic manga that depicts & plays with the perception we get when we feel infatuated with someone.
Aug 25
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Wonderful!! I would love to see more of this.
Aug 25
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A very cute and fluffy read. The whole dream teacher idea is a little confusing at first, but the ending helps pull the idea together. I like that the 'dream' teacher and 'real' teacher seem to be connected in the end. It'd be nice if she remembered this student and could start teaching as her real self.
Aug 23
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This is such a nice story. It may seem a bit confusing at first, but the ending is very good.
Aug 22
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I liked it, I wish it was longer because I want to know how the dream school works. But as a self-contained story, the flow and the ending were good.

The art in the manga was cute and simple.
Aug 17
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Gothic Sugar
This manga addresses the concpet of dreams and reality. It seems confusing, but think of it in terms of people in a coma being able to hear what's going on in the outside world. Only in this case, the dream world exists as an expansive world where people can interact with one another. I believe it was handled really well and while I think this would make a good longer series, it is self contained and ends effectively.
Aug 17
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The main character in this short one-shot is a male student in a school where the best lessons are the math ones. Why? Because the lessons are inside a dream. I know, weird. And what's even weirder is that their math teacher only appears in these lessons, and/or if a student falls asleep or falls unconscious.

I would like to have a sequel to this one, I felt that the reader was given too little information on this whole dreaming thing? But it was a cute manga, with simple drawing style and I really enjoyed it.
Aug 17
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This one-shot was short and sweet! I think the story has a lot of potential if it were to become a longer series and I was particularly intrested by the idea of having classes in the dream world.
Aug 17
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Khúc Thiện Phúc
Uhm~ What is it?
Is she in his dream or is he in her dream?
Is the teacher some kind of illusionist or dream walker?
I think there should be more chapter to explain the situation.
Aug 16
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Cute little one-shot (although I wish it had more chapters) ;;
Aug 11
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A interesting one-shot manga.
Aug 11
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A charming little short story
Aug 10
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I really love the backstory of the teacher!
Jul 10
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Love Sean BienheureuxMari
The story is so cute.
Jun 11
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Midori Gurin
It was OK~
Jun 05
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I want more
Apr 26
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5 stars for u!!!!I luv this story! it's soft and sweet and has a very imaginative twist ^^
Mar 09
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If you like soft romance, this series is for you. It has an open end and somewhat unsatisfied for me.
Nov 17
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